Quality that Endures: A Story from a Loyal JCPenney Customer

JCPenney, the shopping destination for America’s diverse working families, is proud of its legacy to serve and celebrate its customers’ everyday wants and needs through inclusivity, style, quality, and value.

Building on this purpose, JCPenney turns to its loyal customers who continue to inspire and solidify the Company promise with feel-good stories featuring moments in time with JCPenney.

A Flannel for Life

Dear JCPenney, I want to share a story with you about my favorite flannel shirt. I graduated high school in 1974, and before I started college that August I went shopping for some new clothes at my favorite store – JCPenney in North Hollywood, California. Among the items I purchased that day was a blue flannel shirt that has remained in my wardrobe for all these years. I wore it last week when I took the photos you see above.

For a shirt that is more than 48 years old, it has held up amazingly well! Although the JCPenney location in North Hollywood closed many years ago, your store in Northridge, California is conveniently located nearby, and I shop there frequently for your exceptional values. I offer you the following tag line that summarizes my feelings about your stores: “JCPenney: Quality that endures.”


Randy Tilner

Northridge, CA

Randy Tilner wearing his original JCPenney flannel button down shirt from 1974

66-year-old Randy Tilner of Northridge, California is a lifelong JCPenney customer. He says he became a loyal shopper at JCPenney after purchasing his favorite flannel shirt back in 1974 and hasn’t looked elsewhere for clothes since.

Randy Tilner’s high school graduation portrait featuring an original JCPenney shirt, jacket, and tie.

As the years went by and I was shopping with my own money, I realized what tremendous values JCPenney has to offer.”

“My first recollection of going to JCPenney (we used to call it Penney’s when I was a kid), I remember going there probably at 6 years old. Well since I’m 66 years old now, that’s 60 years of being a loyal customer.”

“My mom would take us there; we bought all our clothes there. For sure at the start of every school year, we did our back-to-school shopping at Penney’s. Not only underwear and socks and T-shirts, but jeans, pants and shirts, just all clothing. That was pretty much what I knew and as I kid. I was happy, no complaints.”

“As the years went by and I was shopping with my own money, is when I realized what tremendous values JCPenney offers. I’ve had no reason to shop elsewhere throughout all these years. So, I guess you could say yes, I’m a longtime, loyal customer.”

Randy says JCPenney clothing has been a constant for him throughout the various stages of life; from college to job interviews and making his way in the workforce, to meeting his wife, growing his family and traveling on summer vacations.

Randy’s current work attire and swim trunks for summer, both from JCPenney

“I’ve been to other stores and I see what they offer, I see the pricing, and then I go to JCPenney, and I say, “This is every bit as good, if not better. I like it better!”


“I’ve shopped for nicer clothing – suits, sport coats, dress shirts – I’ve been to other stores and I see what they offer. I see the pricing, and then I go to JCPenney and I say, ‘this is every bit as good, if not better.’ I like it better! And it’s invariably less money. I don’t see any reason to shop, to pay for these higher priced designer brands when I like the shirts, I like the suits better at JCPenney.”

After receiving Randy’s heartfelt email about his flannel shirt, JCPenney sent him a personal selection of menswear, gift cards and a handwritten letter from JCPenney CEO Marc Rosen as a small token of appreciation.

“This is crazy! This is wild.”

“To get a box full of nice shirts and some gift cards, a nice handwritten note…it’s nice to know there’s such kind and considerate people working at the JCPenney corporate office. This is crazy! This is wild.”

Randy Tilner and son-in-law wearing matching flannel shirts from JCPenney

Tilner’s original JCPenney flannel shirt compared to his brand-new flannel shirt from JCPenney

These stories would not be possible without the efforts of JCPenney’s team of hardworking associates who provide exceptional customer experiences in stores and online.

JCPenney is honored to be recognized in this light and is dedicated to celebrating and serving our customers, like Randy, who make up America’s diverse working families.