JCPenney X Muhammad Ali “Be The Greatest” Campaign Kicks Off

The JCPenney X Muhammad Ali ‘Be The Greatest’ campaign, a new philanthropic initiative welcoming inaugural cause partner, Step Up, kicked off on Dec. 2, in a special livestream event. JCPenney Vice President of Men’s Apparel T’Wana Brown hosted two inspiring leaders, Muhammad Ali Center President and Chief Executive Officer Laura Douglas and Step Up Chief Executive Officer Delores Druilhet Morton, to discuss what it means to ‘Be The Greatest.’

Inspiring Legacy Informs Philanthropic Initiatives

The ‘Be The Greatest’ campaign aims to tap into the Champion boxer, renowned activist, and global icon Muhammad Ali’s guiding principles of Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Spirituality, and Respect to inspire JCPenney associates and customers to make a difference in their communities by encouraging and supporting our youth. As part of this partnership, JCPenney is proud to support young women through a $100,000 charitable donation to Step Up.

Being Your Best Self and Uplifting Others

Through Step Up, the initiative empowers young women to become confident, career-focused, and ready to join the next generation of leaders and continues JCPenney’s philanthropic mission to close the opportunity gap for youth. Speaking to members of the JCPenney community, Step Up leaders, students, and alumni, Delores and Laura shared how Muhammad Ali’s guiding principles light the way for how all of us can be our best selves and uplift others.

“Being the greatest means not being afraid to take yourself and the people around you to the next level by pouring your energy into your passion and to be bold,” said Laura. “The act of exhibiting confidence and when we act like we know what we are doing, it inspires others around us to do the same.”

“My success has been about gaining more of my own confidence from the confidence in me from others close to me,” said Delores. “Knowing that I had a community and family ready to support me and lift me up in my journey, I have been able to continue my success.”

Step Up to Support the Next Generation of Leaders

An important way to uplift others is through mentorship; and Step Up is doing just that with the launch of its new Ambassador program this January. To help fund the program and bring mentorship to even more young women nationwide, JCPenney encourages you to consider donating toward their goal of $5,000.

“The benefits from mentoring help the students as well as the mentor,” said Delores. “They share that all feel reinvigorated, and mentors come to rethink what they think of themselves after learning of a different perspective.”

JCPenney is proud to partner with Muhammad Ali Enterprises and Step Up in the critical work they do for young women in our community and across the nation.