Trend Talk: Bring the Spring Sunshine into Your Home with Seasonal Décor at JCPenney

Seasons change, and so must our home décor! More than just a season for cleaning, spring is the perfect time to say goodbye to the cold, gloomy days of winter and welcome the joy of spring into your home. We sat down with Karen Wertz, home design director for JCPenney, to learn more about the season’s top décor trends and how to give each room in your home a cheerful spring makeover.

JCP: Karen, we are so happy to hear from you again. Sometimes spring can feel like a bit of an in-between time for home décor. After taking down holiday decorations, your home can feel empty and drab, and after a thorough spring cleaning, each room can feel like it’s missing something. How do you make your home feel fresh for the new season without adding clutter?

KW: There are a few great ways to add a little seasonal fun to your home without feeling like you are filling it too much, which is the opposite of what you want during spring cleaning time! Changing out the decorative pillows in your living and bedrooms is an easy and impactful way to make your home feel like spring. Adding some seasonal décor pieces like new picture frames and mirrors are a low-cost but high-impact way to brighten each room. And, of course, new kitchen towels are a must for every new season. Don’t forget, a few simple accent swaps can go a long way.


JCP: What colors are making the biggest statement this season?

KW: This spring is all about bringing in a fresh color palette that adds a pop in your home and complements the season’s sunshine. Indigos and soft blues with accents of white create a tranquil environment, adding a little airy brightness to your home while providing a soft hint of summer that’s just around the corner. Lavender and light grays together create a soothing space that seamlessly transitions your home from winter to spring. One of our most popular home brands, JCPenney Home, boasts beautiful accessories, bed linens and curtains in these colors, so you can incorporate the hues of the season in a big or subtle way.

JCP: What is the most popular style inspiration for this spring?

KW: Right now, you cannot go wrong with farmhouse classics. Bright and airy, farmhouse looks are all about whites and textures with hints of lilac and yellow, representing all the causal feels of the season. Add some farmhouse elements to your kitchen while getting the clutter off of your counter with simple yet elegant white canisters. Dress your table for the season with ease by swapping your holiday tablecloths with distressed stripe linens and, of course, no farmhouse table is complete without fresh flowers!

JCP: What is the best way to add in a pop of color to your home decor?

KW: A little color can go a long way in each room inside your home. I like to add a splash of color with fresh curtains. Light and airy curtains let in the spring sun and really brighten up your home. You also can’t underestimate the impact of your table-top décor. Whether in your entryway, your dining room or your bedroom, cheerful accents, candles and vases can create eye-catching moments on any surface. Not to be forgotten, you can refresh your bathroom by incorporating some spring colored hand and bath towels.

JCP: What are some of your favorite home accessories from JCPenney this spring?

KW: Our spring collection is fabulous and is available to all customers at a really great value. It brings in everything we have talked about today, including the bright colors and farmhouse elements to create a joyful, peaceful home. For the kitchen, spring is the perfect time to update your cookware, and you cannot go wrong with the Cooks 10 Piece Cooking set in beautiful cobalt blue, which is a great set that can add a burst of brightness to your cooking. My favorite items for around the home are our bird décor items, which let the season’s lively brightness fly throughout each room.