Faces of JCPenney: October Associate Highlight – David Scott Hamil

Questions and Answers

This post is part of our “Faces of JCPenney” monthly series, which highlights associates’ personal journeys and celebrates their unique approach to living out JCPenney’s purpose of celebrating and serving America’s diverse, working families.

Name: David Scott Hamil (Preferred name: Scott)
Position: Chief Television Engineer
Store Number: Home Office/Plano
Years at JCP: 32 years

  1. Day-to-day duties:
    I design, purchase, install and maintain all the Television Studio’s equipment and systems. I also work on productions matching cameras, rolling playouts, and selecting the video signal that gets recorded/streamed to the company. During productions, I also act as EIC (Engineer in Charge), and throughout the next few months I will be managing the creation of our new studio space in our home office.
  1. Favorite part about working for JCPenney:
    The people. I enjoy working with the rest of the production team to generate content that supports communications with the stores. I also enjoy working with our clients within the company.
  1. Long JCP Tenure:
    I started with JCPenney in October of 1990 as an entry-level video engineer. That will make it nearly 32 years since I joined the JCPenney team. I have seen a lot of changes, but what hasn’t changed is the desire of the television production team to produce high-quality professional video production to support training and messaging to our associates throughout the country and offices abroad.
  1. How does my work support our purpose:
    The television production team has always been heavily involved with the company’s initiatives. We produce communications to the field to inform them of the company’s plans. We pass on knowledge of company policies in the training video that we do.