JCPenney Makes “Style on the go!” Curbside Pickup Faster and Easier

Before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic struck, JCPenney was ahead of the curbside pickup curve. The Company became the first fashion retailer to offer curbside pickup, launching “Style on the go!” at its Brand-Defining Store in Hurst, Texas on November 1, 2019.

“We introduced ‘Style on the go!’ curbside pickup at our Brand-Defining Store as one of many enhanced features to continue to deliver an engaging experience for our customers,” said Jim DePaul, executive vice president of stores for JCPenney. “At the time, we didn’t realize just how important that early test would be in putting us in a position of strength to manage the increased need for contact-free shopping the pandemic required.”

After receiving positive results from its Brand-Defining Store pilot, the Company launched “Style on the go!” curbside pickup at an additional 50 locations in early March. The technology-supported order pickup process has been available at all go-forward JCPenney locations since the Company began reopening its stores in April after temporarily closing due to the pandemic.

While many customers have adopted the curbside pickup delivery option due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the service can be cumbersome if the right technology isn’t in place – for example, if a customer has to call the store when they arrive. We invested in technology and made significant improvements within our app to provide a full digital experience, making it faster and easier. No need to call the store when you arrive – you do everything right from your phone.

“Our customers have shared their delight with the speed and seamlessness of this contact-free option,” DePaul continued.

More than ever, JCPenney customers expect – and deserve – a safe and convenient delivery option when picking up online orders. Our flagship store,, offers just that. Simply place an order to pick up at your favorite JCPenney store. It will be ready within two hours, then we’ll see you at your vehicle, masks and all.

Here’s how to “Go Curbside” at JCPenney:

Park. Check your “Ready for Pickup” email or your JCPenney app for store-specific directions. You’ll easily find our Style on the Go Curbside Pickup signs and parking spots outside our stores.

Check in. When you arrive, let us know you’re here by clicking on the “Go Curbside” link in your “Ready for Pickup” email – or use our updated JCPenney app and go to “Order Details” and select “Go Curbside.”

Get it and go. Once you’re checked in, you’ll receive status updates while an associate quickly processes your order. Your purchase will be brought to your trunk or backseat and you’ll be off!

We are very pleased to offer this safe and enhanced service for our customers. For a complete list of our numerous safety precautions at all stores, visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) response landing page.