JCPenney Debuts New Brand Promise “Style and Value for All”

Psst…did you hear? We’re stepping up our style cred. Yesterday we launched a new campaign debuting our powerful new brand promise that emphasizes, “Style and value for all.” While value is paramount to our customer, it means more than price – finding the styles she wants is just as important. Our new marketing will strongly convey not only our great price points, but also inspire her with our amazing style.

Women today are the ultimate multitasker – busy at work, taking care of herself, her family and her home. She doesn’t have much time to waste and wants to shop for the style and brands she loves without sacrificing her budget. Family is incredibly important to her and she sees shopping as an activity that is influenced by and enjoyed with friends and family. To build that emotional connection, “Style and value for all” will reinforce the key motivators for our customer: convenience, value and family.

“’Style and value for all’ is our promise to hard working American families everywhere. We know that every penny counts and we respect our customers’ money and what it took to earn it,” shared Marci Grebstein, chief marketing officer for JCPenney. “This strategy is firmly rooted in our Golden Rule heritage and aligns perfectly with our overall mission to help our customers find what they love for less time, money and effort.”

With the launch of “Style and value for all” customers can expect to see our marketing take on a more playful and conversational tone with imagery capturing realistic, relatable moments filled with spontaneity and showcasing family and friends connecting and engaging with one another. We’ll use our ads to highlight families that value time together, family traditions, hard work, education, new beginnings and more. Our marketing will also show a clear depiction of inclusivity of ethnicities, sizes and styles.

“Style and value for all” will launch across all customer touchpoints from TV and radio to in-store graphics, direct mail and more. Under our new hashtag, #AllAtJCP, we will continue to engage loyal followers in new and exciting ways. We’ll leverage the latest social media and digital platforms and evolving media landscape to develop compelling content that provides our customers advice and inspiration.

With “Style and Value for All” we’ll be able to connect and engage with our customers like never before, while also shifting perceptions of JCPenney to attract new customers. With new spring styles now available, it’s the perfect time for customers to come and rediscover the incredible style and value we have to offer!